name: Amada
email: amadacosta.psych@gmail.com
message: Good morning

I own a new office in Brampton which is currently set as a co-sharing/coworking space for therapists, counselors, allied health professionals, etc. 
I am a health professional and the administration tasks are taking away from my work time. I have looked into software to manage it but it is still beyond what I can manage with my available time and resources. 
I am looking for a company already working with coworking management and software to take over the administration, marketing, etc. for a good participation in revenue, or to develop a partnership with equity in the company in exchange for administration and some initial investment.
The tasks would be remote administration, marketing, attracting leads, and IT services when required.   No staff on site as we operate on a different model.  I work there so I can do tours and keep an eye on the day-to-day and supplies. 
I have extreme urgency in finding a company to administer the business or develop a partnership.
I would like to ask you please to forward this message to the directors.  Should there be any interest in managing or partnering, please contact me so I can provide more information. 
Amada Costa
Cell: 416 605 6684