name: Amanda Jacob
email: amanda.j.jacob@gmail.com
message: Hello, I’m a new fashion designer starting my sustainable fashion business, and I’m looking for a private room to rent for the product development of my clothing (i.e. design, pattern making, sewing and photographing) which I will be selling on my e-commerce site. I’m having such a challenge finding affordable space because of the nature of my business (small sewing business), I don’t need a large commercial space given it’s just me and I’m starting up. I will be using various sewing machines, cutting fabric on my cutting table and taking photos of my product to sell online. The sewing machines make some noise, so it may disturb some of your other members. For now I’m looking for 200-250 sq ft. I just thought I would try and ask to see if you possibly have any space suitable, or if you could please recommend any commercial/working areas that do? You may contact me at my email : amanda.j.jacob@gmail.com.

Thank you,