name: Dean Burgess
email: dburgess@excitepreneur.net
message: Hello, I would like to write a free article for your site.

Every business has data coming in — from sales numbers to social media likes to website page views and more — but few businesses are using this information effectively.

I thought this would be an informative topic to cover for your website. Can I write an article for you covering how businesses can make data analytics part of how they operate, strategize, and grow?

I’ll discuss things like how businesses can use data analytics for customer acquisition and retention, marketing campaigns, risk management, inventory, product development, operations, and more.

If you’re interested in receiving an outside submission for your site, please let me know and send along any guidelines you have. This piece would be totally free of charge, and I would include sources for my research as well. Does this sound like a good topic for your website? Please let me know and I’ll get started as soon as possible!

Thank you,
Dean Burgess