MindShare Workspace Holiday Greetings & 5th Anniversary Party Highlights! Canadian CoWorker eMag. Top News Stories. Events and More! Vol. 4 Issue 7

Dear Colleague,
Thanks to all who joined us for a memorable 5th anniversary holiday party since the launch of Canada’s first shopping mall-located coworking space. We were grateful to have members, friends and colleagues along with Ward 9 Councillor Martin Reid join us for the celebration as he settles into his new role.
MindShare was thrilled to recently host the 10th Anniversary Mississauga Italfest holiday celebration and cake cutting ceremony with the Board and Committee members at the MindShare Workspace. A passion project for me as a proud Italo Canadian and committee member. Congrats to Patti Jannetta and team for your passion and commitment to celebrating Italian culture and heritage in Mississauga.
Be sure to check out our inspirational ‘Top Stories’ in this issue that our team has curated for your inspiration and great resources for startups and small business!
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