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Dear Colleague,
Happy Spring! Coworking has come of age with residents of Mississauga appreciating the importance of a balanced lifestyle and the notion of  #liveworkplaylearn in your local area; which in large part inspired the MindShare Workspace business concept. We are seeing a strong demand for offices and the hybrid work spaces as not everyone has a good setup at home, or just need a change of scenery to work, or learn.

We are thrilled to be re-opening with a sense of normalcy as we scale up our capacity.  Hence, we are hopeful and incredibly optimistic that 2022 will be pivotal year for you to cease the moment and create new opportunities for growth.

The caveat is that we can’t let our guard down fully yet. Something that we’ve advocated at Mindshare in order to keep our members safe. And, knock on wood, we’ve had zero issues during the past two years.
We’re also witnessing a greater appetite for people to start their own business as a lifestyle choice, one of the positive outcomes of the pandemic is the realization that one needs to take control of their lives to follow their passion.
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