MindShare Workspace Newsletter the GroWorker is Offically Launched

With so much happening in the world or coworking and here at the MindShare Workspace, the Workspace team decided we needed a way to communicate with our members and interested visitors. With this came the GroWorker, an enewsletter designed to collect and communicate all news coworking and MindShare Workspace. Have a look at our first newsletter and hit us up on facebook, instagram, or twitter, and let us know what you think of the news letter and how you think it could be improved.
The GroWorker: Volume 1, Issue 1, April 2018

MindShare Workspace TV Releases First Episode

The first episode of MindShare Workspace Tv has been released. MindShare Workspace TV is our new Youtube channel all about the activity and events happening around the workspace and more importantly our members. We are grateful for all of our members and want to help them grow and showcase their talents, and get their opinion on what they think of the space.

Our first episode is about our FIRST member, Colin Barry, a Certified Financial Planner for CanFin Financial Group.

Check out the interview and be sure to like and subscribe to our youtube channel for all of our upcoming videos from whats happening in our world of coworking.


MindShare Classroom Innovation Event Space will cater to members and external community interests, including; subject matter experts from UofT and Sheridan College, health & lifestyle lectures by experts from the UofT Medical School, executive lunch & learn sessions, Startup Weekend Challenges, Robotics Workshops for youth, Yoga and much more!