Summer Canadian CoWorker eMag. Celebrating International Coworking Week! Get a FREE Stay Today! Join us for our Summer Social Business Networking Party, August 31. Top 5 News Stories. and More! Vol. 4 Issue 5

Dear Colleague,
Happy Summer! Today marks the last day of International Coworking Work Week. Checkout our virtual tour! Join us for a FREE stay today! Or book in for a day next week! Call 905-814-0900. Please share with family, friends and colleagues as we know working from home has its benefits, however, the hybrid model is emerging as the ideal model when you’re not needing to go into the office downtown!
We are honoured to be sponsors of the 10th Anniversary Mississauga Italfest August 12-13 at Mississauga City Hall, Celebration Square this weekend! Do join us for some great food, culture and music from Italy!
If that doesn’t work for your calendar do join us for a Summer Social Business Networking Party Wednesday, August 31 at the MindShare Workspace in preparation for back to school and business! Please click here to register.
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June Canadian CoWorker eMag. Join Us Tomorrow For Friday Feast with Special Guest Patti Jannetta, Chair Italfest on Partnerships & Events to Grow Your Business. Port Credit Next Coworking Site! STEAM Works Studio Summer Camps Vol. 4 Issue 4

Dear Colleague,
Welcome to Summer! It’s great to be back after a busy month of travel to various professional learning conferences, scoping out prospective coworking locations and events throughout North America. One thing I realized is how much I missed our workspace, and in particular our community that is made up of passionate entrepreneurs who want to make an impact. It’s about the people and very much a family atmosphere.
On that note, do plan to join us tomorrow at 1pm for our monthly Friday Feast potluck! We are thrilled to have Mississauga’s very own, Patti Jannetta, singer & songwriter, who I’m honoured to be teamed up with on the committee hosting the 10th Anniversary Mississauga Italfest August 12-13 at Mississauga City Hall, Celebration Square.
I’m excited to share that as things return back to a sense of normalcy, we’ve accelerated our conversations and plans in Port Credit for coworking site locations with our friends at Lakeview Village featured in this report as well as with Ward1 Counsellor Stephen Dasko who has been immensely supportive.
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May Canadian Business CoWorker eMag. Suburban Coworking Coming of Age> Happy Eid! New Member Podcast. Join us this Wednesday for an Economic Update from the CEO following North American travels. Top 5 News Stories! Vol. 4 Issue 3

Dear Colleague,
Happy May! To our Muslim friends, colleagues and members Happy Eid! We are planning a special deferred Friday feast this Wednesday for those who are interested in learning more about coworking and the benefits of belonging to the Mindshare community.
As we all strive to return back to business, as a value-add, I will be providing an update at the celebration lunch from my North American travels on economic trends and cautionary opportunities that we’re seeing.
Be sure to checkout our inspirational ‘Top 5 Stories’ in this issue! Our featured podcasts include one of our newest members and our awesome high school coop student, who is making an impact and off to UBC business school next year.
One thing is clear, we are entering one of the most challenging periods in modern times as we strive to achieve a better work, life balance. Our value proposition allows for hybrid work, community and networking, all in one convenient location at the Mindshare Workspace. Our unique mall located coworking space has come of age and also embraces the notion of going green and reducing your carbon footprint, especailly given the gas prices these day!
I hope you enjoy this Special Spring Issue of the MindShare Canadian CoWorker eMag.
Be sure to checkout our ‘NEW’ Member Welcome section!

Special thanks to our team and coworking members who really help make our community workspace an inspiring place to work, learn and grow!

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The Canadian Coworker Spring March eMagazine Presented by MindShare Workspace CEO Message of Growth! > Friday Feast is Back!– Launch of MindShare Investment Club. Join us March 25! Pls RSVP>>MindShareTV ICTC WIL Podcast, IDEA Mississauga Launch, Top 5 News Stories! Vol. 4 Issue 2

Dear Colleague,
Happy Spring! Coworking has come of age with residents of Mississauga appreciating the importance of a balanced lifestyle and the notion of  #liveworkplaylearn in your local area; which in large part inspired the MindShare Workspace business concept. We are seeing a strong demand for offices and the hybrid work spaces as not everyone has a good setup at home, or just need a change of scenery to work, or learn.

We are thrilled to be re-opening with a sense of normalcy as we scale up our capacity.  Hence, we are hopeful and incredibly optimistic that 2022 will be pivotal year for you to cease the moment and create new opportunities for growth.

The caveat is that we can’t let our guard down fully yet. Something that we’ve advocated at Mindshare in order to keep our members safe. And, knock on wood, we’ve had zero issues during the past two years.
We’re also witnessing a greater appetite for people to start their own business as a lifestyle choice, one of the positive outcomes of the pandemic is the realization that one needs to take control of their lives to follow their passion.
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The Canadian Coworker January eMagazine Presented by MindShare Workspace CEO Message of Hope and Growth ’22> Friday Feast is Back– Launch of MindShare Money Investment Club. Join us February 4th! Pls RSVP

Dear Colleague,

Happy New year! Welcome to our special January Canadian Co-worker eMag.

As we approach the end of our 4th lockdown, we are incredibly optimistic that 2022 will be pivotal year for you to cease the moment and create new opportunities for growth.

It’s never been a better time to launch your start-up, or consulting practice! Be sure to take advantage, as we have, of the City of Mississauga’s Economic Development Office, Startup and Digital Main Street program! They are offering FREE digital marketing and social media consulting!
Join us! Our Friday Feast returns February 4, 12:30pm, along with the launch of our MindShare Money Investment Club! We will feature guest speakers from all sectors to share and learn on how you can grow your business, or investment portfolio. At our inaugural event, we’ll be featuring our valued member, Othman Mahmood, Founder, Orbit Money. Please RSVP to me directly via email if you plan to attend, or would like to offer to be a presenter at our next event!
We’re pleased to see continued strong demand for suburban shared office and coworking. We will resume expansion plans next door in our existing space as well as GTA opportunities that have emerged. Please drop me a note if you’re looking for space, or are interested in an investment. We are open to strategic partners to support our continued growth.
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The Canadian Coworker Special Holiday eMagazine Presented by MindShare Workspace >> Expert Podcast on Taking Care of Your Health & Well Being>> Special Holiday Offers!

Welcome to our Special December Holiday Edition of the Canadian CoWorker eMagazine.

Thank you to our community members who joined us for our 4th Anniversary Holiday Party recently! It was memorable and hard to believe we’ve achieved this milestone. We survived and thrived with our members, despite another year of COVID.

As we all adapt and pivot in these most challenging times, we’ve stay true to our mission of redefining the future of work and learning. Hence, it’s never been more exciting and busier time in the history both MindShare Workspace and Learning companies. We are grateful to our partners and clients! Adopting to an agile business mindset is vital in this climate of unknowns. Equally important is having a strong community network of mentors and partners which is what makes the MindShare Workspace such a special place that our members love as a place to connect and call home.

We are optimistic about the future of business in Mississauga and beyond and will execute on our expansion plans in 2022. We’re also excited to be launching an incubator/ accelerator program that will include an expert speaker series and the launch of the Canadian Centre for the Future of Work & Learning.

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You’re Invited to our 4th Anniversary/Holiday Celebration! November edition of the MindShare Canadian CoWorker eMag. Friday Feast is Back this Week along with Black Friday Specials!

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to our special November 4th Anniversary edition of the MindShare Canadian CoWorker eMag as we celebrate national Career Month across Canada. Do join us for our first face to face/Virtual anniversary/holiday celebration at the MindShare Workspace, Tuesday, December 7, 5-7 pm. Click here to register.

Our passion to nurture the future of work & learning took to the virtual centre stage as we marked history in creating the first 3D immersive learning environment in North America that replicated our MindShare Coworking space (see image above). The 12th Canadian international EdTech conference last month focused on the notion of future-proofing learning across Canada and beyond.

Kudos to Aman Sahota, Co-founder of Ei-Amplified, winner of our 5th Canadian EdTech Startup Challenge. As part of Aman’s prize winnings, he’ll be incubating at the workspace for the next three months where I will be honoured to mentor this fascinating startup!
Incidentally, one of our past winners 5 years ago, Paper Learning recently received $105M U.S. in private equity funding. Phil Cutler, CEO, Paper Learning also serves as a board of advisor to MindShare Workspace. It was an honour to mentor Phil and help his company thrive!
As innovation is our hallmark, we are currently in planning mode to host a June event from Pre-k to lifelong learning. Stay tuned for more details!


Special Fall edition of the MindShare Canadian CoWorker eMag. October Marks Small Business Month as we Celebrate Entrepreneurship in Mississauga

Dear Colleague,
Welcome to our special Fall edition of the MindShare Canadian CoWorker eMag.
 October marks small business month as we celebrate entrepreneurship in Mississauga and beyond! Be sure to checkout our vast resources shared to support you in your strategic growth!
It’s been wonderful to re-connect with our coworking community, strategic partners, mall shop keepers and customers as we get settled back to business in the ‘new normal.’
The notion of coworking has come of age as we redefine the future of work and learning.
We’ve had university students join us, many new business members who cannot work at home as well as the growing trend of remote hybrid workers (prefer to work away from home several days per week).
Here’s a common theme emerging from our new members, “At this point I’m tired of working from home since Covid… and kids are making it really difficult for me to focus.” Hence, we are also exploring expansion to the unit next door in an effort to meet the growing demand for coworking in the 905 region.
It’s never been a more opportune time to launch a new business! Come join us for a tour to learn more about our special hybrid desk offer, or our startup program at $199/month!
I hope you enjoy this Special Fall Issue of the MindShare Canadian CoWorker eMag.
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Special Summer Re-opening Edition Canadian Coworker July >>Featured MindShareTV Podcasts, Darrell Keezer, CEO, CandyBox Marketing

Dear Colleague,

Welcome to our special Re-opening Summer edition of the MindShare Canadian Coworker eMag!

We are thrilled to welcome our existing coworking members and new members back to the MindShare Workspace–Canada’s First Mall located coworking innovation space for small business, consultants and remote workers.

While it’s been an incredibly challenging time to sustain and survive during COVID, our team has taken the opportunity to innovate and create new programs to meet emerging needs of all workers for a growing community of hybrid workers. Given the increased demand, we are in the midst of expansion plans this coming year to Burlington and Richmond Hill.

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The Canadian Coworker May eMagazine Presented by MindShare Workspace >> Explore the Future Trends in the very Hot GTA Real Estate market

Welcome to our Special May CoWorker eMagazine.

One Year Ago, Our World Changed Forever:5 Lessons for the Future of Work & Learning

Sitting at a lunch table, I listened with intrigue to a very keen business executive from the U.S share his vision for our co-working business expansion into the north eastern U.S. He had contacted me out of the blue. They owned 16 malls he declared and sought out my company after extensive research as the ideal partner. He did his homework as he pulled out a glossy report on us that included a large coloured layout of a premium mall. He pointed to our full coloured Mindshare logo that was situated next to the Apple store as to the proposed location. As founder of Canada’s first shopping mall located coworking space, this seemed like a great expansion opportunity into the U.S. That same afternoon, we got word from our mall management that our world was about to change forever–immediate full closure.

This was our World War III. The battle against COVID-19 that continues to linger. I remain hopeful and grateful daily despite what still feels like a bad dream, that will go away sooner than later with the vaccine coming. I always felt grateful for how safe Canada felt, having heard war stories from my immigrant parents growing up. The unknowns resulted in a sense of panic at times early on during the pandemic as we tried to make sense of it at all.

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